GoFree Bhop

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Player Name Country Points Completed Maps Last Played
MacabrealThe United States1,091,5674052023-03-25 18:51 UTC
DerockThe United States876,0843972023-03-19 19:34 UTC
ioyaDenmark872,3174192022-06-13 21:32 UTC
BoochThe United States719,4803552023-01-17 00:11 UTC
PuppiesThe United States698,8043342021-11-19 14:29 UTC
r0deyThe United Kingdom658,8132582023-02-12 23:21 UTC
braeThe United States614,2882362023-03-02 19:21 UTC
:rost:Germany595,6023572022-11-30 20:02 UTC
mojoThe United Kingdom591,8792692022-09-09 17:01 UTC
Definitely Not LegacySweden534,1053032022-11-28 17:35 UTC

Recent Records

Player Name Runtime Map Date
The Long Necked Sleeper 01:03.9062bhop_magic_cave2023-03-06 01:42 UTC
The Long Necked Sleeper 02:14.3672bhop_magic_cave2023-03-06 01:13 UTC
The Long Necked Sleeper 17:30.7500bhop_serze2023-03-06 01:07 UTC
paws up! 00:27.4062bhop_geometrymadness2023-02-26 23:49 UTC
paws up! 00:29.8203bhop_pikkulauantai2023-02-26 23:34 UTC
paws up! 00:40.9219bhop_aeria_final2023-02-26 22:51 UTC
paws up! 01:16.2422bhop_dimensional2023-02-25 22:06 UTC
paws up! 01:16.5078bhop_dimensional2023-02-25 21:45 UTC
paws up! 01:17.3984bhop_dimensional2023-02-25 21:43 UTC
chief kitty 00:46.7422bhop_sloth2023-02-25 21:06 UTC
chief kitty 00:47.0859bhop_sloth2023-02-25 20:53 UTC
chief kitty 00:47.6484bhop_sloth2023-02-25 20:42 UTC
goth kitty 09:34.8594bhop_strafestrafestrafe2023-02-22 19:27 UTC
goth kitty 00:17.2500bhop_maymee2023-02-21 21:04 UTC
goth kitty 00:17.8594bhop_maymee2023-02-21 21:01 UTC
goth kitty 00:18.0859bhop_maymee2023-02-21 20:37 UTC
goth kitty 00:19.7500bhop_maymee2023-02-21 20:31 UTC
r0dey 00:28.1328bhop_geometrymadness2023-02-12 22:38 UTC
braefriend 00:56.8438bhop_ceekay_fix2023-02-07 21:38 UTC
braefriend 00:15.8828bhop_grassland_speedrun2023-02-06 22:53 UTC